Why Bellydance?

Throughout eons of time people have gathered together in groups, community & circle to sing, dance & celebrate life!

'Bedouin Sword' performance at the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) Spring Fibre Art Exhibition.

'Bedouin Sword' performance at the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) Spring Fibre Art Exhibition.

Bellydance was Created by Women for Women!

"Bellydance" is said to be a sacred creation dance from the Goddess. It has been danced in temples, palaces, harems, homes, bedouin tents, in the streets, in the deserts, in the forests, on the Earth & under the sun, stars, moon & Sky!

It is the most ancient dance that is inspired by nature with moves like 'sun circles', 'moon circles', 'snake arms', 'camels', 'crescent moon', 'mayas' meaning water & even the 'loop of infinity'.  It was designed to assist the development of feminine growth from innocent girl to wise women & to help them throughout all the cycles of their lives from maid, to mother, to crone.  It is a natural dance for all women & was actually created to helps us with our bleeding, with childbirth, with change of life & with death. The ancient wisdom of "soul growth" also known as the modern wisdom of  "self realisation" & sometimes referred to as the 'Life-death-Life cycle' can be found more easily & beautifully through the "Ancient Art of Bellydance".  
Bellydance was originally known as Oriental Dance & came from the Eastern world, it evolved culturally & was called by many names such as Raqs Sharqi, Baladi, Dance du Ventre & more.  It is danced as an essential part of a passionate woman's physical, sensual & spiritual expression as It tells our stories, brings emotional restoration, inspires one's future & helps find healing. It is a craft & an art ...but mostly it's just about being a woman  : ) 

The men & women of Eastern cultures created the most amazing music which has inspired Bellydance, just as Bellydance has inspired amazing music!  : )  Bellydance is described as an "Ancient Art" because no-one can really say that they know how the dance originated, as it has evolved from Egypt, Persia, Arabia, Turkey, India, North Africa, Spain & other places. It has traveled mysterious routes within the hearts, minds, bodies & souls of these people throughout their time and expressed throughout their lives.

"The Dance" is generally known as 'Oriental Dance' but as the the story goes... When famous Eastern Dancer "Little Egypt" was asked what was this amazingly provocative "dance of the stomach" was & she replied "Balady", describing her Folk Dance style... but Western official Sol Bloome enjoyed the idea of advertising her performances as Bellydance or "Dance du Ventre" or Dance of the Stomach!
Bellydance still enlivens our spirits, expresses our hearts, beautifies our bodies, sharpens our minds, blesses our souls & helps to form good relationships with others : )  Also the dancer herself becomes more confident and content in her own life!  "The Dance of Life" supports us in beauty & strength, love & longevity, hope & happiness! It's a both a dance & a health practise & is for all ages, all body sizes, all body shapes, all nationalities & all spiritual expressions.  

We come together in Armidale to dance, to have fun and to live beautiful & brave experiences. As a 'Creatress' you can "Be the change you want to see in the world." (Ghandi)  Together we can create beautiful dances & costumes, live lovely moments & memories, make music & moods, share talents & skills and feel free & alive. Both on & off the dance floor Bellydance becomes a joy for ourselves, our families & our friends, for our local communities, our modern culture & to change the world!

Bellydancing is now a worldwide phenomena! ...& has come a long way from the romanic fantasy paintings of past centuries & from the early & sexy Hollywood films designed to tantalise Western audiences. Bellydance has again become an artful dance both in the West & the East with amazing performers on the stage, on television, on youtube, at festivals, at art museums, at charity events, at half's, in our communities, in classes & in our homes! Also, there is so much traditional & contemporary music to choose from with amazing musicians, artists, costuming, choreography more!
On a practical level Bellydance is known as the best non-impact exercise and is world renowned for women's over all health by strengtheng her core, toning muscles, increasing bone development, cardio fitness & also labido ; ) it helps with weight loss, body confidence, general co-ordination & blissy brain functioning. 

The pure joy of the dance brings happiness, creates connections to one's body, people, the "divine feminine" & to nature... as it enlivens your soul !   

Our 'Creatress' Belly Dance performances, 'Creatress' Bellydance Classes, Dance Troupe, Website & Blog and are ALL designed to heal, restore, awaken & enliven & our collective,  creative souls.


"... and all you need is bare feet and a belly!" - Hillary Thacker

: )


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