8 x Creatress "Bellybeyond" Class - 6PM FRIDAYS - at Legacy Hall, Armidale. Resumes in Spring, Tbc.


Resumes in Spring!
'Creatress Bellybeyond' Class - 6PM FRIDAYS - Legacy Hall, Armidale.

Go deeper into the beauty & strength of Bellydance with Suzi!

Enjoy learning the strong yet subtle moves & grooves of the dance that satisfies you soul!  Go further with more technique, drills, & nuances from the Tribes, Families, Travel Steps & Dance Props. The beauty & strength of Bellydance is better with skills from zills, swords, jugs, fans, drums & even fire!  

Meet great women in a circle & celebration of  "The Dance of Life!" 

* Please fill in Contact form on Classes page.
* Bring a water bottle.
* 1 term of 'Creatress Bellybasics' required.

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