Bellydance Classes

All Bellydance classes & performances are aligned with physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health; 
environmental awareness; sustainability & 'unconditional positive regard' for all participants.

: )

Creatress Bellydance Classes

12th Oct - 16th Nov
Uralla Neighbourhood Centre
15th Oct - 19th Nov
Armidale Yoga Studio

                                                                    6 weeks!


Legacy Hall, Armidale

To be Confirmed!

Legacy Hall

"Bellyfit Aerobics"
Legacy Hall,

Creatress "Bellyflow" Class

6PM TUESDAYS - 12th Oct - 16th Nov - 6 weeks! 
Upstairs at The Uralla Neighbourhood Centre, Salisbury Street, Uralla. 

6PM FRIDAYS - 15th Oct - 19th Nov - 6 weeks!
Upstairs at the Armidale Yoga Studio. 112 Beardy St, Armidale.

FEEL THE FLOW: From Breath to Belly, From Body to Soul.

This is a NEW 'Creatress Bellydance Class' takes us gently into 2021... So, you can start your Bellydance journey NOW : )  ... with the presence of breath, core awareness and creative mooves & grooves in our NEW "Bellyflow" class. Sow gentle new seeds to grow luscious plants of purpose & bloom flowers of dance in to your future. 

We start on our Earthy yoga mats & come down to the ground & into our sitting bones & body. Then with core breathing, pelvic floor exercises & some simple stretches we shall relax our hearts & mind to come gently into "The Now".  Soon & sweetly we rise to our feet to choose a silky hip scarve which swings to the music.  Here with simple structured guidance I shall introduced you to both the "Masculine & Feminine Tribes" & "The 8 Faimilies of Movement."  You will enjoy learning a small repertoire of gentle "mooves & grooves" that will help you to "Let Go & Let Flow!"   Each week you will find you have more flexibility & have built up more strength to "trip the light fantastic" with a natural confidence to the most beautiful traditional & contemporary music. We finish the class with a "free dance" in candlelight so your imagination can fly & you may become a "Creatress" of gentle strength through the beauty of Bellydance.

Try this healing, fun-damental & unique class which comes so naturally to all women of all ages, body types & cultures! Experience the flow of this ancient feminine dance, whilst learning about your own PRESENCE of BREATH, PELVIC FLOOR, CORE, BODY, MIND, HEART & SOUL. This style of dancing slowly heals many everyday challenges...  which is why Bellydance was "Created by Women for Women!" 

* $110/6 Week Term or $150/8 Week Term.
* $20 Causual.
* $15 Concession.
* Comfy Clothes/Active wear
* Yoga Mats, Hip Scarves & Coin Belts Provided
* A Class For The Novice : )


Creatress "Bellybasics" Class

6PM WEDNESDAYS -  to be confirmed for 2021

THE BASICS:  Beautifully Fun Foundations! 

Suzi teaches you fun-damentals, beauty & strength of Bellydance!  
Your will learn about 'The Masculine & Feminine Tribes', 'The 7 Families of Movement', 'Hand & Arm Postures' & 'Travel Steps' with beautiful & funky music whilst following along to drills & improvised Bellydance ... then ... let your hair down with dance games & an introduction to dance props with veils, jugs, fans & zills (Finger Symbols)

Each class grows your confidence!  Starting with breath, core, stretches & lovely flow dances. Then develop some sweet mooves, grooves whilst learning a new 'family of movement' each week, 1:Lifts & drops, 2:Slides & bumps, 3:Shimmies, 4:Twist, 5:Circles, 6:Figure 8's & 7:Undulations. We also enjoy doing dance drillz, dance games & finally finish the class with a "free dance" in candle light!

Sooo... Bellydance your way to self discovery! Skilfully style your sensuality! Gracefully grow your unique essence & dance "The Dance of Life!" today.  
You will love the amazing Middle Eastern, modern & contemporary music, the costuming, the creativity & the other women of the world ... you will boom & bloom! 

* Suzi designs each class specifically for the weekly 'Family of Movement' & suitably selects music tracks that guides, stimulates & soothes ones souls : ) 

* Joyfully embody this women's ancient art form & trust your very own 'From the Heart Method' of Improvised Bellydance journey, which was diligently created by Middle Eastern/Australian award winning dance teacher Shemiran Ibrahim.

* $150/8 Week Term
* $20 Casual
* $15 Concession
* Bellydance Belts & Props Provided
* Comfy Clothes/Active Wear/Dress Up!
  (Skirts/tights & singlet/t-shirt/croptop/bellydancebra & bling/browns)
* 1 Term of "Bellyflow" Recommended


Creatress "Bellybeyond" Class

6PM FRIDAYS ... TBC for 2021 

BEYOND THE BASICS: Enhance your Dance!   

Go deeper into the beauty & skill of "The Dance" by going further into the flow, the drills & the dancing! Learn more intricate moves, more subtle techniques & developed more presence of personal power in your dancing.  
By trusting the skills you've already learnt you can now embody other moves & grooves that will satisfy your dance soul! Get more out of the class by naturally integrating the 'Masculine & Feminine Tribes', the '7 Families of Movement', 'Travel Steps' & 'Dance Props' of veils, zills, jugs & fans that you were introduced to in your 'Creatress Belly Basics' Class ... Dance them all together with new subtle nuances & enjoy the beautiful & traditional Middle Eastern music or the more contemporary tunes. 
Suzi also teaches you the art of listening with your "heart ear", the sensory perception of musicality, emotional awareness & some sacred geometry of the group, which makes the dance so wonderful! You can feel the effects on the Earth & under the Sky, on the dance floor, on the "Magic Carpet" or up on stage! You really will feel more confident, free, sensual, connected & ALIVE! 

So, embody the deep moves of the "Tribes", some of the history, the traditional culture, it's knowledge & its origins. This class is focused on growing your personal dance technique, skills, prop abilities, instrumentality & professionalism concerning Bellydance. Challenge yourself by learning some of Suzi's own choreographed dances created for past performances. Get good at using props like veils, fan, jugs, drums, zills (finger Symbols) & even fire to "Enhance your Dance!"  You will discover your own natural abilities, express your strengths & grow natural courage both on & off the dance floor! 

We also discuss, share & adopt sustainable practices for classes & performance with costuming, up cycling of clothes, using natural materials, creating jewellery & arty make-up for effect. By using natural fibres & creating our own costumes we endeavour to dance a light "eco footprint" footprint upon our Earth!

* 1 term of 'Creatress Bellybasics' or equivalent required.
* $150/8 week term
* $20 Casual
* $15 Consession
* Dance Props Provided
* Comfy Clothes or Dress up!
(Skirts/tights & singlet/t-shirt/crop top/bellydance bra/bling or browns)
* 1 Term of "Bellybasics" Essential


"Bellyfit" Aerobics Class

10.30AM SATURDAYS at TBC for 2021  : ) 

"FUN, FIT & Fab!" Bellifit is aerobic exercise ...Bellydance style!  : D

Simply follow along with Suzi as we do Freestyle & Choreographed dance moves to traditional, mod, funky Eastern & Western music.  

'BELLYFIT AEROBICS' CLASS starts with a series of calm warm-up stretches & flowing moves.
Then simply follow along as we drill & dance doing longer freestyle dance routines to fantastic beats!  After we've worked up that sweet sweat  we then do 4 "FUN, FIT & FAB choreographed dances, which are repeated each week so our brains may have some exercise too!   

We finish the hour doing a deep & slow freestyle aerobic dance with awesome moves & music ... & lastly a cool down & stretches that keeps us feeling truly beautiful!  

* $110/6 Week Term
* $20 Casual
* $15 Concession
* Comfy or Active Wear
* Bring a Water Bottle
* 1 Term of "Bellyflow" recommended but not required.


"Yes, I'm Keen!"


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Celebrate your dancing at our End of Term Bellydance "Hafla" !

... a homely bellydance feast for ALL students, family & friends ! : )

* ALL classes & activities are aligned with physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual health; environmental awareness; sustainability & 'unconditional positive regard' for participants.
* ALL Bellydance Coin Belts & Dance Props are PROVIDED : )   
* ALL Classes are done in BARE FEET but pls do wear jiffy shoes if you have sensitive feet.
* CONCESSION is available for students & health care card holders.  ; )
* Bring a WATER BOTTLE and ENJOY !!!  : )

*** We are dedicated to following sustainable environmental principles to ensure that we dance with a light footprint upon our sacred Earth! ***

"... and all you need is bare feet & a belly!"  - Hilary Thacker. 


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