"A Gentle Atmosphere"

"Ladies, what will you experience with Suzi on a Tuesday nights?

For six weeks last term she taught "Bellyflow" in a gentle atmosphere. Women in the class found the yoga-based warm up and simple Bellydance technique helped them developed confidence in their movements & core strength which led to strong balance and co-ordinaton. Health is the focus, thus, connecton between mind and body.

Uralla has a well-deserved reputation for its artstic and artisan culture, creatvity finds its place here. So, the opportunity for women of all ages, shapes and sizes to be together enjoying their strength and diversity should be embraced! Personal connections have proven again to be the muscle in our current times of crisis. This space, created by Suzi lets us make more connections – an asset for Uralla Shire residents.
The opportunity to experience dance and movement without pressure to perform is rare! The opportunity to discover & develop the power of your feminity, style and character without judgement should be enjoyed. The opportunity not to drive into Armidale for classes should not be missed!
Suzi shows us that fitness and health for all women of all ages does not have to be based in a competive must do environment. The fact that women of Uralla have this opportunity to enjoy the company of their fellow Shire residents is remarkable. A vibrant community embraces all styles. 

By Susan Armstead, Kentucky. Published in The Wordsworth - Uralla,  March 2021.

Pragmatically though, classes need a minimum number of participants. So, If you are interested in “Bellyflow” classes in they again START:

6PM TUESDAYS at THE URALLA NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE, upstairs at 27 Sailsbury Street. 

More info about Suzi's amazing “Bellydance Earth & Sky” local business in Armidale is found at
website www.creatress.com.au  Pls also see facebook & Instagram ... just for fun!   

“...and all you need is barefeet & a Belly!” - Hilary Thacker.

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