🐪Humpday is "Bellydance day!💃

“Imagine this ... there was a time in history a long time ago, when the bounce and sway of a woman’s hips was considered so beautiful that they set it to music and made a dance out of it..." Carolena Nericcio.

I've been on my Bellydance journey for 16 years now!
I'v been teaching for about 9 years,
Bellydance Earth & Sky's business, classes, performances, troupe, haflas, workshops & other great gatherings have been going for over 5 years too...
& I never stop learning!

I truly ♡ the pure joy, the beautiful music, the natural, sensual yet gusto "mooves & grooves", the disciplined drillz, the colourful costuming, the amazing  rhythms, the instrumentality, the unbridled imagination, the creative choreography & the emotional expression of Bellydance that grows within me everyday!

I hope I can inspire YOU to start or continue on your Bellydance journey, today & each day!
Experience how bellydance enlivens your whole spirit, enjoy the amazing music & fall in L♡VE with the beautiful moooves of this ancient women's dance. You will no doubt feel the fun & sensuality, the health & happiness that bellydance brings.  
: )
In all my classes I share wisdoms of the "FEMININE & MASCULINE TRIBES" as we dance the "7 FAMILIES OF MOVEMENT" & move freely with many different 'TRAVEL STEPS'. A smart & easy to remember system derived 'From the Heart Method of Improvised Dance' created by my Aussie/Eastern award winning teacher, Shemiran Ibrahim from the Blue Mountains.

In all my classes you will tune into the breath, core & pelvic floor; you will learn about body form, shapes, balance & sacred geometry of self & as group. You will feel the beauty & strength of your body develop by doing the many drills & great "mooves & grooves" of this divine feminine dance. We do beautiful warm ups, body flow, simple yet supple dance technique, play some Bellydance  games, enhance the dance with props such as veils, fans, tambos & zills (finger symbols) ... & you will ♡ the final "Free Dance" in candle light!

🌸 I truly dedicate myself to sowing good seeds for Bellyance! By performing, teaching & socialising in an emotionally safe, respectful & positive environment! It's with gentleness, strength, stability, beauty & trust that BE&S shall thrive further into 2021... in Uralla, Armidale & elsewhere.

So ☆ put on your favourite bling or comfy browns, join in, survive & thrive this year by doing
"Bellyflow", "Bellybasics", "Bellybeyond" or "Bellyfit" classes!

Enjoy creative dancing in community.

"...and all you need is bare feet & a belly!" - Hilary Thacker.

: )

Pls see www.creatress.com.au for details ; ) &
Secrets from the Camel ; ) Women's only FB group for follow-along videos.


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