Bellyflow, Basic, Beyond & Fit into a New You Year - 2021.

Slow flow, fun, fit & fabulous moves & grooves in 2021 ... at Uralla's Flow Shed!

Bellydance Earth & Sky's business has been up & dancing in Armidale for 5 years... & is NOW in Uralla too! 

The beauty & strength; brash & brave; meditative & blissful moods "of all women of all ages & all body types" are more than welcome to come on this fun, healthy & healing journey with Bellydance, myself & other great "Women of the World" ... which starts THIS WEEK!  

Our brand NEW class of "Bellyflow" STARTS 6PM on TUESDAYS, here we shall bliss out doing slow mooves & grooves in a mantra dance style... but as the week moves on & the energy grows let's get into more of a "Fun, fit & fab" vibe by doing "BELLYFIT 10.30AM SATURDAYS morns!  ... & ALL in the funky NEW Flow Shed.

The good people of Uralla & the curious visitors from our region will now have another reason to enjoy the bustling social scenes of coffee & cake, food & frivolity and other great arty things a-happenin' during the week & on weekends ... You can NOW ebb & flow; sweat & giggle; dance & wiggle to amazingly beautiful music whilst Bellydancing for an hour doing Bellyfit &/or Bellyflow... for 6 whole weeks!

So give a go! Go slow, let go, let flow & let's grow ... into gentle, healthy, fabulous fun & fitness... in the mo!   

: D  


Suzi  : ) 

BELLYDANCE "Created by Women for Women!" 

Creatress "Bellyflow" & "Bellyfit" in Uralla. "Bellybasic" & "Bellybeyond" in Armidale.   

Pls see www.creatress.com.au for detail. 


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