The "beautiful" Flow Shed "holds space" for our NEW "Bellyflow" Class.

"Let Go & Let Flow"
Take a breath, feel your core, tighten your pelivc floor & "trip the light fantastic" under the fairy lights & into 2021.

Our "Bellyflow" class has been a long time coming. Born through the need to go slow, the desire to gently flow & the philosophy of letting go... creating this unique new class was bliss & I hope you will truly love it!   It is inspired by nature, women & Bellydance ... but honestly came into reality because of the existence of The Flow Shed! 

Created by a quiet achieving local Uralla couple, The Flow Shed is the most healthy, healing & funky feeling studio in artsy Uralla. SHE said she wanted to build a beautiful space that would consciously hold people whilst on their healing journey & to also facilitate practitioners of our local community in their healing craft   : )  & HE supported her in this endeavour, has so skilfully build her dream & made it all come true!  : )

I first met them 12 months ago in 2020 through our mutual friend, the lovely Bec, who is also a healing practitioner at the studio. They were already planning the big opening & I was excitedly dreaming up my new class, then boom! ... the pandemic hit & things ground to a halt... but the creativity never stopped.

And NOW it's open & flowing again!   : D  
BE&S shall also do the ongoing SAT MORN "BELLYFIT" AEROBICS CLASS here too! 
Sooo, my dear Armidilian's ... please do pop down to busy little Uralla, where it's all
a-happenin' ... come for a class, a cuppa, a chat & let's enjoy the other healthy, fun & arty things that are going on down there. 

You will love it!

         "Bellyflow" Class                                                      "Bellifit" Aerobics Class
         6PM TUESDAYS                                                               10.30AM SATURDAYS
         STARTS 9th FEB - 16th FEB                                           STARTS SAT 13th FEB - 20th MAR
         $110/6 WEEKS                                                                 $110/6 WEEKS
         Casual/Concession Welcome                                      Casual/Concession Welcome
         Hips Scarves Provided                                                   Hips Scarves Provided                                                                                                             

*Please see 'Classes' at www.creatress.com.au for more info  : ) 


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