Creatress "Belly flow, basics, beyond & fit" from an ancient world to the modern woman.

Dearest Women of the World   : )   Le-le-le-le-le 

Bellydance is bliss, beauty & abundance in our lives!  

This ancient dance from the "Mystic East" has evolved from Woman's own self love, self respect & desire for self learning... evolved from a need, a strength, from all things beautiful. It was created for her growth as a girl, for her bleeding as a woman, to birth her babies, help her family life, step into womanhood, guide her mature years & express all the adventures she's had along the way! It is whispered that Bellydance holds special secrets that ALL women need to know, has benefits that supports her in the everyday & frees her spirit in unique ways.

As "The Dance" ... the history is a story told by many tongues from many lands.
They say ... the dance first kicked up dust on the plains of India; Travelled silkily onto the carpets of Persia; Walked with beautiful anklets into the tents of the Bedouins; Jumped on tables in Turkish Coffee houses, Rhythmically strolled into the Pyramids of Egypt; Stomped to the drums of North Africa; And even played finger symbols in colourful Spanish lands. It is known in many cultures by many names such as Folkloric, Oriental Raqs sharqi & Dance du Ventre (dance of the belly) There are also many styles of The Dance which feel gusto, slinky, sensual, mechanical, technological & even spiritual but which all bravely pop it forth & into the modern world for the contemporary women. The music, instruments, costumes & Bellydance culture is truly amazing! 

"Created by Women for Women!" Bellydance Earth & Sky now has 4 Classes each Week to attend, enjoy & delve into   : ) 

Le-le-le-le-le   Suzi    <3

Please see www.creatress.com.au for info/details/classes/purchase & Videos of Health, healing, challenges & fun! 


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