"Bellyflow!" into 2021 at The Flow Shed.

*** Gentle NEW Bellydance Class ***

Go with the flow, the breath, the core, the dance & delight in the slow!

From your sitting bones grounded on an Earthy yoga mat to your sweet feet upon the floorboards in the Flow Shed & under the big blue Sky ... This is the best place to start your Bellydance Earth & Sky journey, your personal journey or just a joyous journey into 2021.

This NEW & unique class teaches the very fun-damentals of the dance which is sooooo natural in a woman's life. Bellydance is CREATED BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN, specific to any stage of her life, designed to enrich her body, mind & emotions, created to help relax her being & gladly enhance her personal expression.  You will soon discover the healthy, healing, strengthening & soulful benefits. We shall also align with the "Divine Femine" within & touch on the sacredness of woman... through Bellyflow!

Learn about the BREATH, THE CORE, STRETCHES, SHAPES, FORM, THE MASCULINE & FEMININE TRIBES & THE 7 FAMILIES OF MOVEMENT that are REALLY GOOD for your whole body... & all together we shall flow naturally back into this ancient Women's dance, known as the "Art of Bellydance!"  Enjoy the experience, the gentle guidance & intuitive flow as we dance the satisfyingly slow "moves & grooves" & build up to the somewhat more vigorous streams of shimming... Let's "mantra dance" along with the carefully selected traditional & contemporary music tracks from both the East & the West!

With special, respectful & personal attention you will easily find flexibility, build stamina, feel sensual & truly become more beautiful in your whole heart, mind, body & soul!

: )

9th FEB to 16th MAR 2021.
$110/6 Weeks

Details & Bookings www.creatress.com.au,
See 'Bellydance Earth & Sky' - Fb, Instagram, Youtube, Messenger.
: ) Suzi - 0401037128 for a chat! 

* For the novice
* Hip scarves provided
* Yoga mats provided
* Concessions & casual welcome 


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