Virtually, Black Gully Festival from the Mountain!

“There is Inspiration in music, Emotion in movement & Peace in the Dance! May the joy of movement course through your veins, strengthen your heart & free your Soul!”

'Ancient Oriental Dance' now known in the West as “Belly Dance” was originally created by women, for women! : )
She was inspired by nature, music, spirit & the respect of life & her history is a story of many tongues from many lands.

They say ... The music & dance first kicked up dust on the plains of India; then travelled silkily onto the carpets of Persia; Walked with beautiful anklets into the tents of the Bedouins; Danced with the drums of North Africa; And even played finger symbols in colourful Spanish lands.
This ancient dance is born from the celebration of all the people in the village, for it takes a village!
Bellydance is an expression of the people's spirit, mind, heart & soul life.
From the Sacred to the Social, from the Temples to the Dirt, from the Past to the Present & from the Earth & to the Sky!

Our “Boho Gypsy Dance Tribe” ... Suza, Aliyah, Shabinah, Sha', Moonwatcher, Evvy & Bobb are truly pleased to add some colourful feminine energy to the Black Gully's 10th Anniversay Festival. Wow! ...well done creator, Dave Carr.
Thanx heaps to the other artistic, musical & environmental creatives who performed for today, the technologicals, the red blooded helpers & our supportive family & friends! Individually we are very grateful to the Black Gully Committee including Mark for his enthused organisation, Iain & Adison for fab filming. Also to my dear bro, Tony Grant for great pix! 

AND We so appreciate the environmental & sustainable consciousness of NERAM.

But mostly... Thanx to the spirit of the Armidale community & the healthy, happy hearts of it's People. 


See views on youtube! 


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