Passion, Gentleness & Authenticity at the Rustic Shed.

Gentle Passion ; ) Authentic Alchemy : )

From grey to gold !?   From alchemy into authenticity! 

Bellydance Earth & Sky has picked up the gauntlet thrown down LIFE herself ... which changed our modern ways of being in the world  ... and it's with a gentle, steady & balanced passion that we strived, evolved & created the RUSTIC DANCE SHED  ... which meets the many moods & mysteries of our local women through the practise of Bellydance. We start again THIS week!

There were many challenges getting into this new term of Bellydance. The challenge to keep strong, fit & beautiful in ones own heart, body, mind & soul. The challenge to be grateful for all we have in our lives, no matter what guise it may take. The challenge to sit, reflect & allow change to take place whilst stepping into ones future on stones that we feel are truly right for us. The challenge to be authentically ourselves with hope, faith & happiness in our Bellydance practise!  

To be on the Earth & under the Sky is what I am grateful for. To live in healthy & real ways is what I wish for. To have a beautiful space for students as friends to come & enjoy the 'Art of Bellydance' is what we have achieved. 

So, please take this golden opportunity for yourself & feel free to join us in any of the Bellydance practises that may suit you!

We have "Bellyflow" class for stretching, yoga, super slow mooves & grooves, "Bellybeyond" class  for a deeper, more subtle & stronger drillz practise & a "Bellifit" class for fun, fit & fab aerobics sessions ... All happening in the RUSTIC DANCE SHED at our home ... But with only 4 students per class due to social distancing ... Dance class now becomes a sweet & somewhat intimate time of sharing. 

We also have "Bellybasics" for learning the basics of Bellydance at Legacy Hall for everyone as usual  : )  

Any impromptu dancing & music making anywhere on the Earth & Under the Sky, in local parks or in beautiful places is also another gentle passion that we uptake! 

Lets dance together as the Winter turn into Spring! 

: )



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