Find your flow, strength & sensuality.

Bellyflow Class

Inspired from the ancient arts of Bellydance & Yoga.

This is the breath & bones, the stretches & strength, subtleties & sensuality of the dance. Journey with Suzi from your yoga mat upon the Earth to the heavenly heights of the Sky whilst feeling the bliss & beauty of Bellyflow! 

With breathing, stretching, core strengthening & bone density flowing moves you will slowly learn the very foundations of Bellydance. These classic moves are from the "masculine & feminine tribes" of nature named Sun circle, Crescent moon, Snake, Camels, Flame undulations, Flower circles, Loops of infinity & more... moves that slowly evolve into graceful grooves ...  be guided by the beautiful music from both a traditional & contemporary palate.

These amazing body forms, moves & shapes originate from the ancient Eastern world of Oriental Dance & are still used in the most modern Fusion Bellydance.

During class our intentions & attentions are set toward the commitment of life, seeking sacred ground & some spiritual substance ... we enjoy moments of joy & infinite presence created from our own body, heart, mind & souls.

Please bring a Yoga mat & water bottle.

: ) Suzi. 


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