The RUSTIC SHED Bellydance Studio : )

Zoom In or In The Flesh : )

Get Your Body Moving ... Sweeten Your Soul ... START with The Breath & Bare Bones of The Dance ... FINNISH with Friends!   

Open the door to this golden opportunity to START your dance journey in a small, safe & intimate SUZI space ... which tickles your toes on the Persian carpets, shines your spirit from the mirrors, calm your soul with amazing music & warms your heart other women of the dance! : )  

'Bellyflow Class' - 10am Tuesdays is the breath & bare bones of Bellydance.
* We start with the breath & yoga mat stretches, slowly flow & moving mantra our way up & into the grooves that soothe your soul. (Class in the flesh)

'Creatress Bellybasics Class'  -  6pm Wednesdays is the basic fundamentals of the dance.
* I shall teach you the two tribes of the Masculine & the feminine; The 7 families of movements; Travel steps & an intro to dance props zills, veils & jugs. Heaps of fun with a freedance too! 
(CLASS ZOOM ONLINE WED ... or 2 spots left for sneaky TUES 5.30pm class in the flesh) 

'Creatress Bellybeyond Class' - 6pm Fridays is further technique & subtleties of the dance.
* We do drills & choreographies as I teach you the nuances of the moves & styles. Go deeper into the dance props, costuming & choreographies. A term of Bellybasics is required. (Class in the flesh) 

'Bellifit Aerobics Class' - 10am Saturdays Aerobics Bellydance style!  Wear tights & a t-shirt, Bring bare feet & a belly ; )  
* Lets warm up, build up cardio, core strength & sweat sweetly till we warm down again. Follow along, don't think & enjoy the freestyle & repetitive choreographies each week. (Class in the flesh) 

+ So, 4 classes, 4 students per class (except zoom), 5 times a week & 6 weeks to go! 
Classes are held "in the flesh" at the RUSTIC SHED or "zoomed"  into your lounge room! ; ) 

*** The Covid19 crisis has meant we have to get creative in dance business, create community in quiet ways & live a long, loving life!  
Join me in taking new steps into our future and enjoy this intimate yet safe journey ... of BELLYDANCE! ***

"...and all you need is barefoot & a belly!" - Hilary Thacker, Bellydancer.

Love to hear from you or see you soon,

Suzi  :  )  



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