Dancebreak! Breakdance? Bellydance on line! : D

Bellydance Creatively Concerning COVID19

Dearest Dancers....  Don't Stop Dancing!

We hope you are coping ok with COVID19, prancing proudly regardless of the pandemic, being sensible & smart about safety but most of all DANCING THROUGH THIS DISASTER !  : ) 

BE&S is sad  : (   that she may have to have to turn to Breakdance!  ; )  Have a break, just for a week as our community turns inwards protecting itself from the spreading virus & we must cease classes in our usual venue of Legacy Hall.

* DANCE next week WEDNESDAY 25th MARCH   with BE&S in Government recommended small group classes doing: Sunshine Bellydance outside with small groups in the fresh air  OR  in my new  'Bellydance Home Studio!'  Stay tuned!

BUT FOR NOW please do FOLLOW along online!  

* DANCE along to the 'Feature Dance' here on our  www.creatress.com.au

* JOIN our  'Secrets From The Camel'  Facebook group  where you can dance along with me doing "Morninggroovingmeditations" one each day of a "Moonmonth challenge" we are up to day 16!  Enjoy as we dance our way through this mooncycle  : D

* LIKE our  'Bellydance Earth & Sky' Facebook page  which is full of info & videos for men, women & children...  Enjoy connections to other Bellydance studios who are going through the same challenges & see great sources like Datura, Serpentine studies, From the Heart Method, Tribal Fusion Studies  etc, etc, etc.... : )  

Please do contact me for more details regarding all classes & future endeavours !  : ) 

Dance on Divas!   Le-le-le-le-le  :

Suzi : )


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