Morning Moovin' & Groovin' Meditations

Slow Flow & Deep Dance !

...For the early or whenever birds!  : ) 

These videos of the "Moon Month Challenge" screened on 'Secrets From The Camel'  Face Book group is inspired from my LOVE of Yoga & Dance... for the emotional, physical & spiritual self!

I'm also inspired by many of my friends who are doing food & fitness challenges, morning walks, the park run, early yoga sessions and arghhh.... boot camps!  ; ) 

It's great pleasure to do some thing special just for yourself, for self respect, for self love & self healing. Its a way to stay focused upon your personal health, your personal empowerment & your inner art!

I just needed to combine many years of the slow flowing, emotionally stabilising & spiritual qualities of yoga that I love, with my passion for the beauty & strength of Bellydance.  

As a Bellydance artist, performer, teacher & Bellifit instructor its my natural health freak self that is again satisfied on a deeper level with this Flow & Dance practise. During times of difficulty in this world it's good for me to commune with nature, listen to inspiring music & move emotional energies out of my body ... it's with a steady practise that one can confidently ground oneself in body & life.

...and its good for the whole family! 

Please  women, do like Bellydance Earth & Sky's Face book page which links with the private group "Secrets From The Camel" by invitation, as it's a women group only. Select & watch a short video that suits you & enjoy the go slow, go deep moves that make bellydance so satisfying...  as a women's only group it proves to be a great way to get healthy, get fit, get happy & learn Bellydance in your own home....... As "Bellydance was created by women for women!" 

Please enjoy this March Moonmonth of Mornin' Moovin' Groovin' Meditaions  : D 


<3  Suzi  : ) 



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