Flow like a River, Shimmer like the Stars : )

origins of Bellydance are not truly known but are generally traced 
back to the Middle East. As a historic dance its influences are 
from all over the Eastern world.

by women for women!”

to help women throughout their lifetimes, Bellydance is full of the
physical movements that help our bodies & spirits grow. Growing
ones personal beauty, strength & sensuality. The dance was
fundamentally for birthing our babies, for alleviating our bleedings,
for breast & belly health, for womb wisdom & for expressing
ones heart, mind, body & soul.

is danced socially at celebrations of engagements, weddings,
anniversaries, birthday parties & other family gatherings. It's
common for men, women & children to all dance together to
“celebrate life” with this most emotional & expressive dance.
It happens at baby blessings, girl blossomings, change of life stages
& also as a fertility dance. It is also a community dance done
by the people for the celestial bodies in the sky, for the land, the
harvests & the rain.

is a sacred dance!

is the most natural thing that a woman can do for herself!

form & flow follows the natural curves & changes of a woman's
body throughout the cycle of her life! With moves from both the
'Masculine & the Feminine Tribes Of Dance' it becomes very
stimulating but also deeply mediative. They say that it is most
probably the oldest known dance in all the world … What was then
Oriental Dance is now known as Bellydance!

out of this our 'Bellydance Earth & Sky' concept was born.

the love of expressing our souls without words,

the freedom of moving through our emotions with music,

the need to create pure joy in our lives.

was birthed by a group of women who just loved to dance together,

& passionately dancing anywhere, any time …

the Earth & under the Sky! 

'Creatress Bellydance Classes' are inspired by nature, health &

dedicate my attentions to this world phenonema & growing
Bellydance Culture, I draw wisdom from my Art Therapy training &
use teaching techniques of “From the Heart Method of Improvised
Dance” by award winning teacher Shemiran Ibrahim.

“Creatress Bellybasics Bellydance Class” is always graced with
good women who love to express their simple joy for dancing. In class
they learn new ways to dance through Bellydance styles & techniques, this
gives them better expression, body connection, communication & the freedom to
truly dance! 

"Creatress Bellybasics Bellydance Class" is 10 weeks of fun, flowing & focused dancing whilst learning the foundations of Bellydance. The strength & sensuality of Bellydance gives you the strength of grace, confidents & pure joy of life! 

Learn about the 'Masculine & Feminine Tribes', dance one of the '7 Families of Movement' each week & do 'travel step's across the floorboards as we do 'From the Heart Method of Improvised Dance' Created by award winning Middle Eastern dancer & teacher, Shemiran Ibrahim. 

Learn what makes Bellydance soooo beautiful !!!  

Suzi guides & teaches you throughout this amazing journey of moving meditations, flow, & foundational techniques with the most amazing world & contemporary music available . Enjoy integrating the moves & dancing with other good women whilst using dance props such as veils, fans & zills (finger symbols) We then finish each class with a "Free Dance" in candle light.
: )
Tis beautiful! 

Bellydance is a most natural way of life. Its a meditation, a dance & a beautiful ancient art form from the Eastern World which is renowned to help every aspect of a woman's life! 

So take this chance & BELLYDANCE ! 

29th JANUARY to 8th APRIL 
$18 casual/ $170 per 10 weeks
Concessions available.
Belly coin belts provided.  
* No experience necessary!  

Pls see creatress.com.au for more pix, culture & details : ) 


Suzi xo


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