Success is ... "Dancin' in the Rain at a Drought Relief Concert!"

Love the Rain... On the way up to Guyra I prayed for Rain.

Yes, it was drizzlin' already but to really make this DROUGHT RELIEF CONCERT memorable I reckon we needed something more... MORE rain! 

The City Band, the Pipe Band, spectacular Lilly Rose & The Pinch had already been happily performing in the dank but fun drizzle, lifting the spirits of the drought affected people in the mains street of Guyra.... & the people were so content listening & sheltering damply under awnings & in the dry coffee shops of the town.
But for me... I needed more ... MORE RAIN!      
So, as we readily rolled out our "Magic Carpet" it suddenly went from delightfully drizzly to steadily softly rainy ... and as The Pinch finished their fab set...  Yep... it was shining rain! 

The Bohemian Gypsies were now bare footed, bare bellied & beautifully baring their dancing souls to this sweet dewy downfall of nature...  Skilfully spinning & gleefully undulating with soggy feet & happy wet hair for the first 3 dances...  and by the time the Community Rain Dance came around the people were more than ready to "celebrate Life" with a RAINDANCE! 

So, with colourful rain sheeters & browny drizabones all around me, I called for all the brave Guyra souls to join us on the "Majic Carpet" for the big one.  And it was... and the rain, she came down with a strong & steady stream of laughter!   : D    : D    : D    

Dancing with these good people & kids were both the Mayor & the previous Mayor ...with wet & wild hearts ... dancin' in this blessed Rain... dancin' a "Raindance in the Rain"  Ha!!!  

OMGoddess...  Yep, Success is when it rains on you at a Drought Relief Concert!  

We stuck around afterwards delighted by the locals vibes of great generosity & we continued to zill & dance, retro style to Vinnie & the Cuban Missiles... in the rain!  Many Thnx to Ian Russell, Council, Community, Businesses & Ever body Involved ... & the Rain !!!

I was told by so many people afterwards that the music, bands, dance, foodies & community spirit was well lifted on that beautiful wet, wet day : )  of the Lamb & Potato Festival 2020 ... But the drought is not over yet,  so please always let the rain laugh at you &  " RAINDANCE !!! "  

: )   xo Suzi. 

Photos by Bob Thompson : )
Edited BE&S


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