Dance with the Divine this Decade ... 2020!

Step into Authenticity.

Le-le-le-le-le .... Bellydance Earth & Sky starts her classes this week! : )   : )   : )

Hey people, I know you are enjoying this lovely rain! The past months have been very challenging for all of us here on the tablelands, for all our community around the region and all beings & creatures through out our beloved Australia ...& Earth! 

But ... Nature can Nurture!  

So, allow this new year, this new decade & this new time to heal the hurts, so you can then go forth in your authenticity, soothe your soul & dance your dreams.  It's with one's own trust, hope, feelings & strength that we see our way through the difficulties, its by creating honest connections with each other that we find which path to tread, and its by choosing to do the dance that we continue onwards, forever onwards to a healthier place. 

Join me and other good women doing what comes naturally - dancing - and learn the wise & "Ancient Art of Bellydance!"  
Starts:  6PM 29th JANUARY 2020 & continues  for 10 weeks! ... to 1st April.

"Creatress Bellybasics Bellydance Classes" are where you learn the foundational moves & grooves of "The Dance of Life!" : )   Each class starts with simple stretches, moves into beautiful flow and then we rock The Casbah & Bellydance!   
I teach you "Fom the Heart Method" of improvised Bellydance devised by my teacher, Shemiran Ibrahim. By guiding you through the two tribes of the masculine & the feminine, showing you the 7 families of body moves & also travel steps ...It's great fun & I'll also introduce you to dance props like veils, zills & fans. We then finish up with a free dance in the dark!  : )
You will definitely grow in fitness, strength & confidence and easily see how this flows into the rest of your life. Enjoy!

I believe that each woman is like a star in a constellation, or a wyld flower in a paddock, a rock in a river or a tree in a forest... and that her unique self is there just waiting & wanting to truly share her depth & beauty freely with others ... so ...this is how you may share it, here... in a safe & joyful space. 

Now's your chance to Bellydance! 

: ) Suzi. 


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