A Thousand Smiles from Thousands of International People

Culture Fest... So Friendly & So Fantastic!

All over the world people gather together to celebrate their cultural diversity. We were gratefully invited to "Celebrate Life!"with these beautiful people & gleeful to be asked to do the finale' ... again! 

The special beauty of this event in Armidale is that the International Community here is huge, especially for such a small city. The people are always so warm, kind & friendly & the event always so relaxed but exciting!
Together with our local people of all cultures, those seeking refuge from the world's hardships & the students from the University of New England, we ALL celebrated life with different cultural communities sharing days of playshops, crafts & talks. The final evening is a grand DANCE!

 Each cultural community performs their traditional dances in full colour & costume. This year was so special as we celebrated this with the new Ezedi community in town. We are so grateful for their pleasant & enthusiastic energies that are now here, as it reminds us of the simple beauty of togetherness as they gather in walking, in parks & other places to talk, chat & kick a ball around. They danced a couple of times on the big stage that night and it was absolutely beautiful with their huge smiles & their calming dance moves doing the dabke.

Bellydance Earth & Sky was also happy to be dancing on the big stage, under those bright lights and seeing all those fabulos smiles from a thousand people!  We first danced one of their most favourites & fun songs of which they chant & sing along with, "Mashalla"... meaning beloved God or Beware the Tiger! 

It was also with great yet sad awareness that we danced during the biggest ever drought experienced here in the high country, with the highest water restrictions & most frightening bushfires. So we danced our new choreography, the JUG DANCE! It speaks of the women at the well, gathering, lamenting and also laughing ... pouring the waters of emotion out of their jugs .... grateful for this sacred life! 

The music is by famous & most recently deceased Hosam Ramzy & is called  "Beautiful Friend".  We dedicate this dance to the earth, all the people & all the animals who have lost their health, their homes & even their lives during these very hard times! 

...AND SO, we will keep on dancing ...for health & happiness of all our futures here on Mother Earth! 


Suzi  : )


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