Bellydance, Raindance, Hope & Tears of Community!

Bellydance, Raindance, Hope & Tears!

You've just gotta !   : D 

This was the 9th Black Gully Music & Community Festival of 2019... it was a huge success this year! ...for so many reasons     : )

The drought & the bushfires have affected ALL of us.
Life is a challenge at the mo ...& people are more than aware of the impact that climate change has upon the earth, our future & our children. So, we needed to get together once again and celebrate life, celebrate the goodness of life, celebrate OUR Armidale community, with all it's courage, it's graces & it's abilities! 

The festival was again camped in The Gully Reserve ...at the ponds, amongst the pines & plantings, and under that GIANT old gum!  ...in the green esscape of NERAM (New England Regional Art Museum)  
There were so many & great local musicians with performances of all styles, of all types & of all ages. We loved it ALL!  The art was flowing from the museum, the 2040 film screening & environmental films showing, kids were making rainstix, patrons chilling' in comedy cardboard corporate boxes, fixing stuff at the Fix It Shop, swapping clothes at Slow Fashion, tending at Sustainable Living Armidale, sprouting sprouts & many tents were of amazing food which were so yummy & the people happily cooking!

For the FIRST TIME we had a DANCE STAGE!  The "Magic Carpet!" ... it was beautiful, entertaining & a fantastic crowd pleasing space with our very own local DANCE ARTISTS. There was beautiful music & great performances fro ASCollege of Aboriginal, Ashwara's Saiidi Stick, Morigana's Arbic Sword, Jane's Balinese Folk &  Serene's Flamenco dances together with people doing Salsa Dancesphops with Angelo & Bellydance Danceshops with us!  
So we were constantly "Tripping the Light Fantastic!" : D Great effort Peoples! 

I was also so proud of the "Sheelas" of Bellydance Earth & Sky, who performed beautifully both old & new dances upon the Creek Stage & THEN we led the most enthused COMMUNITY RAINDANCE ever!  With an encore!   : D  : D  : D 
Hundreds of People dancing in unison, dancing side by side, dancing together ...on the EARTH under the SKY ...lamenting these difficult times ...most sadly the burning of Wytalibah Village ...and yet all dancing for hope, for healing & for health!  ... there were tears of joy!  
* The tune was "Never seen the Rain" by young Aussie song artist, Tones & I. Funky & fun for all. We all grind a real feeling of COMMUNITY! 

So "Thank U!" Everyone ...& the Black Gully Committee for being so in tune with the people, this place & these times ...that so needs the love of community : )

See you all next year !!!  A decade of the Black Gully Festival  : )

xo Suzi & the Bohemian Gypsy Dance Troupe : ) 


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