"Beautiful Friend"

... and so,

... my intuition said there was darkness coming... and I felt it... but did not know how to meet it...  but I approached it... carefully.

I went to see my beautiful friend, who I had raised from a little one, raised from the first day his feet touched the earth, I nurtured him for many years and he had grown big, strong & beautiful into a trusted & beautiful friend. My friend. Everyones friend. He trusted everyone. 
He was there... protecting the little ones, I thought... I thought he was safe. 

Soon I went back to see him again... on his birthday... he was gone... I ran all around to find him, but he was gone!

I spent the night alone in darkness.

In the light of morn she gruffly shrugged, "Oh, I sold him!".  

Taken off to market... with the little ones... killed for food, for meat, for money. 

I cry for you my beautiful friend, my spiritual guru, my emotion silent one. I had no choice but to say goodbye to you, my beautiful friend.  I love you Alphie McLamb.  Mary Lamb is safe, safe with me now. 

This dance is dedicated to all our beautiful friends. All we have lost & all we have found.


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