A warm WINTER HAFLA for our Student & the Bellydance Community!

*** Winter is a time for cosy reflection ***

As energy goes deeply inwards we also delve sweetly in celebration of  "The Dance of LIfe!"  

* With the warmth of costumes, candles, music, dance, instruments, food, wine, friends & family we gather together in a friendly space to let our "Creative Spirits" soar! 

Our Winter Hafla is beautiful bellydance feast that also gives us the golden opportunity to respectfully recognise our new students, their determination & striving and their heartfelt accomplishments whilst doing the "Ancient Art of Bellydance". 
We wish to celebrate ALL of our students joys & talents and reflect upon the courage, skill & determination that it takes to learn this Divine Feminie Dance Form.   

Join US at "SHA"S PALACE" where we shall ALL come together with others in the community too, to laugh & play, chat of the stories & strengths and enjoy the creativity & confidents that grows naturally whilst doing 'Creatress Bellydance' &/or Bellifit Aerobics' Classes with Bellydance Earth & Sky.  

***Please enjoy the WINTER HAFLA with us at 7pm, SATURDAY 6th JULY 2019 *** 

Image by Eva Rummery.

Pls msg me for details.

: )  Suzi


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