"Creatresses" Create Headdress for "The New England Festival's Grand Parade!"

Using our creative "Creatress" energy some of the Gals are busy making headresses to go with their NEW hand-made spectacular 2019 costuming  for 'The Grand Parade' in Armidale this Saturday, 16th March. At the annual event we will be honouring Lady Autmn again and feature at least 10 of the Gals & children dancing, drumming, zilling & flying our banner, veils, wings, fans and wild hair "Celebrating Life" in the streets in our local community! 

'Bellydance Earth & Sky Dance Troupe' performances for Autumn celebrations by will be held at "Colour of New England Artists Festival" on April 6th 2019 by the  : ) at 6.20 PM main stage The Mall. See you there with belly bells on!


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