Bellydance Earth & Sky's New Term of Spring & Summer Classes

Feeling the Flowering of your Life ?

Enjoy the Expression Bellydance otherwise known as "The Dance of Life!" : )

This ancient art was created by women for women sharing their life's journey together. It supports birth, bleeding & beauty for all ages and body types, there are many styles of Bellydance to learn from all over the world !

"Creatress Belly Basics" Classes teach you the 'Seven Families of Bellydance - From the Heart Technique' designed by Shemiran Ibrahim, an award winning Middle Eastern Bellydance Teacher living in the Blue Mountains. The music, moves, fitness & friends all combine over the term of 10 weeks,  forming the foundations of the Dance that will help express your body, mind, heart & soul! 

We celebrate your learnings with a "HAFLA" or Bellydance feast at the end of the term.

"Creatress Belly Beyond" Bellydance Classes at 6pm on Fridays & "Bellifit Fitness" Classes at 10am on Saturday mornings are more great ways to build on these foundations & delve deeper into 'The Dance of Life!"

: ) Suzi

Please see www.creatress.com.au for more details. Bellydance Belts & props provided. 


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