Enjoy Bellydance Performances, Workshops & Fire Dancing !

Now's your chance to Bellydance at Bobby Jack's ! : )

See our Bellydance Troupe the "Boho Banshees" who will be performing some mesmerizing dances plus a NEW choreography to Niyaz's 'GOLZAR' ... "where the flowers bloom" ... at Bobby Jack's Festival at the Walcha Showground with LIVE bands, food stalls & many workshops next Saturday, 21st April.    bobbyjacksfestival.com.au

* Become mesmerized by the "Boho Banshees" doing their day & night Performances - 2pm & 7.30pm at the main stage.

* Meet us All & hang out in 'The Dance Tent' throughout the day. Learn more fun & informative stuff about the origins, traditions & evolution of Bellydance through the eons of time & from all around the world. Partake in sipping Turkish coffee & eating sweets from Tonis' Cafe' ! 

  - Join in the 'Belly Basics' Workshop at 12 noon and learn some of the exciting & beautiful moves that makes Bellydance so special   : )

  - Join in the 'Dance Props' Workshop at 3pm and play with veils, fans, zills & balancing pots as well as learning how to dance with swords & Fire!  

All Bellydance belts & props provided : )

* Rest & Relax to amazing music & playful fire dancing around the bon fire ... & into the night !  : D    : D   : D   : D  Le-le-le-le


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