What is Bellydancing ?

“Imagine this: There was a time in history a long time ago, when the bounce and sway of a woman’s hips was considered so beautiful that they set it to music and made a dance out of it..."  Carolena Nericcio - Founder of American Tribal Style Belly Dance.

"The Ancient Art of Belly Dance" is a weaving of life over eons of time. Its origins are mysterious just like the dance itself. Originating in the Eastern World of Egypt, Persia, Arabia, Turkey, India and more, people told of their loves, their lives, their personal and traditional stories through the "Art Belly Dance".Communities would come together to socialise & celebrate births, marriages, spiritual or cultural feast days known as 'haflas' and whole families would dance together. They created colourful costumes, care free or sophisticated dances using zills, veils, fans, canes and candles as an expression of their joy for life ...Just as we still do today!
Belly Dancing is natural, comes easily but most of all -  it's fun!  Historically Belly Dance is associated with the ancient fertility beliefs of the women on the land, celebrating the life cycle and their birthing rites, then women usually danced for women! They also danced in temples, palaces, harems, bath houses, in villages bazaars, on city streets and in family homes, they danced on fine carpets with a silk scarf tied around their hips and celebrated life. Sometimes, a visiting male dignitary of a rich home might be fortunate enough to be entertained by accomplished dancers who were usually accompanied by talented musicians.Today, Belly Dance has evolved from very traditional folk dances & into more contemporary dance forms but it is still enjoyed by all people, from all countries, from all over the world & from all walks of life  : )
By Belly Dancing you are giving yourself something truly special. You are creating inner calm and confidence, you are sharing strength and sensuality, finding fitness & fun... and forming friendships! : )
Suzi, creatress of  'Bellydance Earth & Sky' shares her love of Belly Dance by performing at your celebrations, special or sacred, and other community events.She also teaches 'Creatress' Bellydance classes and instructs 'Bellifit' fitness & fun classes. Suzi will never be finished exploring, celebrating & sharing the sensibilities & mysteries of Belly Dance. After all, it is known as...  "The Dance of Life!"
"it is a dance in which everyone participates by clapping or singing with the music, often getting up and dancing with the dancer herself. There is something very powerful about this ancient dance form that is alluring and transforming the world over!"  - 'Belly Dance Wisdom' by Daleea Morad.


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